Exposed on the Internet!!!

February 27, 2010 at 5:48 pm (internet, sex)

As many of you will know with the current surge in our abilities to use the internet as freely as we want to, some people have taken this to the extreme. With new facebook pages going up everyday and people creating blogs just to show the world who they have had sex with  this week. I want to know why? Why do these young men and women feel the need to drop their skirts, unzip their jeans with anyone who looks their way. Then to put the icing on the cake they feel the need to post these videos and photographs of poor, young, troubled people all over the internet. I find it disgusting that instead of helping these young people we are pointing and laughing at their misfortune. Don’t get me wrong by no means do i believe that these people are innocent parties, if you allow someone to video you and take pictures with you when you are doing something so intimate you are responsible. But then again i doubt any of these people gave permission to be ridiculed. With so much else going on in the world, so much for us to focus our little brains on, the logic surpasses me that we are more interested in wasting our time on people who obviously have too much of it. I just hope that from these hate campaigns young lives have not been put in jeopardy, or confidence shattered by the vultures out there.



  1. mrqanimation said,

    I think, unfortunately, quite often people are often happy to see others in a worse position then themselves. For some, its validation that they are doing well in their own lives. Currently, everyone is talking about the break down of society, and in my opinion that is the problem, everyone is talking whilst doing very little but ridicule. One of my favourite quotes is “don’t criticise without offering a solution”. We are all guilty of it, myself included, but we could make a lot of difference if we took heed.

    Lol, I have probably gone off on the biggest tangent, and probably sound like I am on a holier than thou tip, but I am not. Interesting post, would be nice to see your thoughts slightly more expanded!

    • zirjelle said,

      Hmmmm… i like what your saying. Well speaking for myself i do try and report these things as often as possible and try and get the word out there that these portals are being abused, but i think your right more of us should offer a solution more than just talking about it. That’s where we lack, so if you have any ideas don’t be shy to voice them.

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