A million words I can’t hear!!!

March 10, 2010 at 12:33 am (death, God, pain, pictures, unhappiness)

Just saw this picture whilst doing my daily facebook browsing and i was speechless. I had to look at all the comments at theĀ bottom before a thought about what it meant entered my head. Then i realised ok, if you harm yourself your really harming God. That made sense. But then i thought this is only physical harm. This is for the people that self harm (by no means am i condemming those who do, i understand), this is also for the people that allow their body to be used and messed round and all that. I know these physical aspects more often than not leave a mental and emotional scar. But when your hurting emotionally who feels it? Who do you blame? Who hurts on your behalf? I have found that when your hurting on the inside no one feels it but you, no one knows it but you and only you can explain the pain. Although this picture speaks a million words it doesn’t speak for me and i wish it did.


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