He’s just not that into you!!!

February 25, 2010 at 4:23 am (happiness, love, relationships)

I just watched the terrifically funny, cliche, star studded and entertaining rom com… (clue is in the title). Just a few thoughts…

1. What a great message, women out there need to get a grip and a sense of reality.

2. Relationships really do not need to be that hard, it was way to complicated. When you feel like your in a movie get out.

3. This film really boosts your hope for future relations with men… then again it is just a film.

If you have ever been in any one of the relationships depicted in this film you will know exactly what it’s all about. But as i watched the film and became engrossed in these poeples lives i soon realised in reality this is how it works. There is the guy that can’t help but think the grass is greener on the other side. The one that just wants the girl and no commitment. The guy that plays the field because he thinks to settle is to surrender. Lastly the idiot who is just dellusional. On the flip side you have the woman in denial. The lady who goes around destroying relationships. The one that realises this can’t go on the way it is. Also the one who just uses every avenue to find a man. Then you have the over enthusiastic woman that never loses hope that one day the right one who will come along. (that would be me) If you look closesly at yourself you could see yourself or a little bit of yourself in almost all of these characters. My message to the people is that when you begin to slip into the land of movies just as this one re- evaluate and get out quick… because unfortunately it doesn’t always end with the man of your dreams turning up at your door professing love, or the marriage you always wanted and maybe not even getting out of that relationship that you know is going nowhere. Because even though it’s hard for me to say it usually ends up with you, Ben and Jerry¬†and a box of tissues¬†thinking of where it all went wrong.


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