The apocolypse is coming… OR NOT!!!

March 2, 2010 at 1:36 am (conspiracy, government, homophobia, internet, media)

I have had just about enough of these paranoid crackpots that keep raving about the conspiracy of planet earth. It got to such a low point today that someone actually said to me aliens are really demons in disguise who are out on this earth to corrupt our DNA so we can go and destroy ourselves and the world. (she googled it so it must be a fact ?!?) What bullshit!!! People need to stop giving into these scaremongers that pose as secret spies who seem to know all the secrets that are being hidden. Oh please, get a grip. I will not deny that yes we don’t know everything and of course people of power do not disclose everything to us, but why should they. For our own protection and to stop us from acting like the apocolypse is on its way they should keep it to themselves. If we did not have people controlling things who would do it in there place, it has to be done or there will be chaos. My only problem is that they use it against us and make bad decisions on the behalf of humanity, and thats what we should be addressing. I hate it when i have to go around listening to small minded people saying homosexuals are mentally ill, and they call me small minded and just a hollow shell. Don’t believe everything you read or you see on youtube. I just believe people should live their lives to their highest degree, be good to the people and the world around you, and spread a good message as much as possible.


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Exposed on the Internet!!!

February 27, 2010 at 5:48 pm (internet, sex)

As many of you will know with the current surge in our abilities to use the internet as freely as we want to, some people have taken this to the extreme. With new facebook pages going up everyday and people creating blogs just to show the world who they have had sex with  this week. I want to know why? Why do these young men and women feel the need to drop their skirts, unzip their jeans with anyone who looks their way. Then to put the icing on the cake they feel the need to post these videos and photographs of poor, young, troubled people all over the internet. I find it disgusting that instead of helping these young people we are pointing and laughing at their misfortune. Don’t get me wrong by no means do i believe that these people are innocent parties, if you allow someone to video you and take pictures with you when you are doing something so intimate you are responsible. But then again i doubt any of these people gave permission to be ridiculed. With so much else going on in the world, so much for us to focus our little brains on, the logic surpasses me that we are more interested in wasting our time on people who obviously have too much of it. I just hope that from these hate campaigns young lives have not been put in jeopardy, or confidence shattered by the vultures out there.

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